Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dusk on Lake Superior

On the way back to our resort from Grand Marais, I pulled the car over sharply into a picnic area at Cascade River State Park. I'm a sucker for any type of wayside, scenic overlook, etc. If there's a chance for a good view, I'm always in favor of stopping. And when I'm in the driver's seat it makes it even easier to hit them all. This stop was definitely worth it....

We had the place to ourselves, making it even more perfect. The calm and quiet was resounding, and the fading light added to the serenity. Looking out at Lake Superior is so refreshing and even more so when there's nothing to hear but the sound of the water lightly lapping against the rocky shore.

I could have sat out on this ledge for hours, staring out to the water. Below me was water so clear I could see the bottom of the lake and in front of me was endless water as far as the eye could see. So clear right in front of me and yet unknown when looking far ahead. It was a perfect match to my emotions as I sat and thought about impending motherhood. Sometimes you just need to stare out of the future, not knowing what it holds, but excited for it none the less. Baby J, you are so clear to me, yet so unknown how exactly you will change our future. I cannot wait to find out.

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