Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Folly Beach - Charleston, S.C.

Folly Beach Fishing Pier
While in Charleston, we took a morning to head out to the beach. When you live land locked up in Minnesota, you absolutely do not miss out on an opportunity to hit up a beach when you have the chance. Failure to do so is a little bit tragic. Am I being a tad dramatic with this statement? Yes, but it's been a long winter, ok? Ok.

It was a little cool and windy, giving my girlfriends and me no desire to lay out, so we put little thought into which beach we would hit up and went with one of the closest, Folly Beach. The conditions actually made it perfect for a leisure walk up the shore. And even though Folly Beach is not known for shell hunting, there was just enough to make my heart sing.

There was something special about being pregnant on the beach, my little tot squirming around inside me. It made me look forward to walking hand in hand with a little one, watching him or her squeal with delight as water hits their little toes. Being more excited when they find a shell they love, than myself. And wrapping up in a beach blanket with sea wind whipping around us.

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